Types of Metalworking

Published: 08th February 2011
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Metal working is a new kind of art. In fact, it dates back to hundred years. We can find a number of attractive designs and art on different types of metals. Earlier artisans were not so much lucky to use different types of improved equipments. They had to complete the process enough toil and effort. But, now things are different. Artisans and craftsmen of this century can do the task easily. They can get inspiration from such brilliant piece of works. They are creating attractive and unique metal works. There are no doubt theat get ideas from these ancient works of arts. The best part is that they are blending the conventional and contemporary ideas to create something really wonderful.

There are various kinds of metal working. It can be divided into different categories or divisions.

1. Metal working art- This kind of metal working includes sculptures and jewelries. It is quite common. The metal worker can show his talent by creating different designs and patterns. It gives him chance to show his artistic side.

2. Industrial metal working- This type of metal working is not so common. It requires quite much of effort.

3. Manufacturing metal working – This type of metalworking is a bit different. It includes the creation of various identical work pieces. This makes the art lesser valuable compared to other metal works.

The contemporary metal-working process takes place in three different parts. The first stage is the structure stage. By applying different methods, metals are shaped. Casting is one of the most popular methods. This is the place where molten metal was molded and poured to the perfect shape. The second part is for excess metal. Metal is brought to the polishing, grinding and cutting areas. Various metal pieces are joined together. It is done with the help of the welding process or any other procedures to create a final product.

One of the common questions that may hover in your mind is how you will tackle or handle a project. It is very essential to take the right decision when it comes to fabrication. Sheet metal or steel is a great option. Sand casting is also popular. You need to use the right equipments or tools for completing this project successfully.

After you learn the techniques and tricks of sand casting, you can cast a whole lot of items. But have you ever thought about fabrication? It is actually a better option as it can help you to complete the project quickly and easily.

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